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As a recruiter, it is only natural that you want to have a growing network of candidates joining your agency to gain new employment opportunities. After all, the more candidates you receive means more leads generated and in turn, more business. However, it can be a difficult task for you as a recruiter to prospect to potential candidates and generate leads consistently. With many other recruitment agencies already pushing their services, prospecting for candidates can become the most difficult aspect of running your recruitment business.

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This is what InLinked Marketing can do for your business. We put you in contact with prospective candidates through a well-thought-out LinkedIn marketing strategy and direct mailing system to those who require your services as a recruiter. As a result, you will see more qualified conversations, generate leads and prospect for potential candidates. LinkedIn has become one of the most efficient marketing tools for businesses throughout the world, and it is the perfect option for a recruitment agency to raise awareness for their business and get in contact with a host of candidates seeking employment


With over 500 million users and counting, LinkedIn has become one of the preeminent online platforms for professionals and businesses alike. Not only this, but a huge proportion of those professionals are actively seeking work but may be unsure of how to use the platform to find it. Other marketing methods such as SEO, PPC, and Facebook are simply not effective for a new recruitment agency trying to break into the industry. There are already too many larger agencies at the top of the rankings for such marketing methods on Google. Regardless, the best way for an agency to get in contact with candidate prospects is to contact them directly through one of the world’s largest job searching platforms – LinkedIn.

However, your task as a recruiter is to help people land their dream job, not to devise intricate marketing strategies to generate more leads. When there is already so much to be done: interviews, business meetings, screenings and setting up candidate positions, the last thing you want to do is have to come up with a plan for lead generation. Therefore, it is a great idea to have us create a direct networking solution that puts your recruitment agency in contact with prospects. Our strategy will lead to meaningful, qualified conversations with candidates and, in turn, more business opportunities for your agency.

❝When you Invest in LinkedIn, you Invest in your Future Growth.❞

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