LinkedIn Lead Generation For

Motivational Speakers

Lead Generation for Motivational Speakers

One of the main problems you may face as a motivational speaker is how to expand your network and receive regular speaking positions.

If you are a motivational speaker and run the business as a solo operator you might struggle to find the time to take care of the marketing side of business, and may lack opportunities to speak and share your expertise. With so many motivational speakers out there offering their services to businesses, it is important that you have an effective marketing strategy to ensure that it’s you, and not some inexperienced phoney, doing the next speech. This is where we come in.

Speaking Opportunities are around the corner

We put motivational speakers in contact with a host of businesses through the direct use of LinkedIn networking strategies. We understand that generating leads can be tough, with time constraints and a lack of knowing where to look being a drawback of creating prospects for your motivational speaking business. Therefore, we take care of this for you. Our team of B2B marketing experts put you in touch with a network of CEOs and company directors, helping you build ongoing relations across a range of industries.

Increase Your Personal Brand Awareness

More contacts, more speaking positions – simple. We use our skill and experience of the industry to create a direct lead generation strategy through LinkedIn. This will not just create contacts for a one-off speech, but could lead to a lasting relationship that is mutually beneficial for you and the business you provide your speaking services to.

❝When you Invest in LinkedIn, you Invest in your Future Growth.❞

Troy Sinclaire – Director


If you are a motivational speaker, one of the hardest challenges you will face is generating leads and finding opportunities to speak. The time taken to tailor speeches to specific business requirements and create engaging, captivating talks is hard enough, and that’s without the time taken for the speeches themselves. All this can make generating new opportunities a stressful and tiresome task. Cold calling has gone out the window for most, as studies suggest that decision makers will simply not answer 90 per cent of calls. What has become one of the most effective lead generation tools is the proper use of LinkedIn direct marketing.

With 500 million users worldwide and growing, it is easy to see why the platform is an excellent tool for lead generation. Through a direct networking strategy, you will see your leads grow. This creates new conversations that turn into successful client relations. This is what Connect Prospect International can do for you as a speaker: create direct marketing solutions that in turn will generate leads for your speaking business. You will see immediate results, with an increase in conversations with CEOs and directors, and a whole host of new speaking positions in your city and beyond.

Connect – Prospect – Engage – Convert


If you are a motivational speaker who needs a team of direct marketing professionals who can put your personal brand in the forefront of your prospects minds, and create contacts with businesses and affiliates alike, You need to get in contact with us so we can discuss your business requirements. Contact us below and we will get back to you with a strategy that is sure to increase your business prospecting & lead gen activity.


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