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As the director of a manufacturing company you may be facing the stressful challenge of finding the right supply company and quality control professionals to handle your product.


With the demand for reliable suppliers and a great emphasis being placed on the quality and safety of your products, it is vitally important that you have the right suppliers & distributors working with you. In order to do this, you require a vast network of potential suppliers & distributors so that you can decide on the right partners for your business.

Connect with the right business partners

This is where InLinked Marketing comes in. We work closely with manufacturing businesses to generate potential suppliers and distributors through a direct LinkedIn marketing strategy. Our team of skilled and experienced B2B marketers come up with effective strategies to engage your target demographic and generate prospects for your manufacturing business. We do this to help expand your network and create long lasting relationships for your business.

Build a network of qualfied business partners

We work with you to build a network of suppliers, distributors and quality control professionals that you can screen to choose the right partners for your business. We use our skills and expertise to create a viable networking strategy for your business through direct LinkedIn marketing. We will build your profile, connections, and put you in the driver seat for finding the perfect supplier/quality control professional for your business, as well as generate leads for potential investors and clients.

❝When you Invest in LinkedIn, you Invest in your Future Growth.❞

Troy Sinclaire – Director


With over 500 million active users, LinkedIn is a highly effective networking tool for professionals. As more traditional methods such as cold calling become tedious and time consuming, it is vitally important that you have an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy. One that reaches your target audience and generates leads for your manufacturing business. Studies suggest that most cold calls never even reach decision makers, and if they do 90 per cent of these decision makers will simply hang up on the call. Therefore, it is important that you create relationships with potential suppliers & distributors as opposed to direct calling them.

When there is so much going on in your manufacturing business: product development, orders, logistics, securing distributors, the last thing you want to be thinking about is where to source the best suppliers for your products. This is what we can do for you: we create a network of suppliers and quality control professionals for your business that will put you in the number one spot for creating a successful, ongoing supply partnership.

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