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Business Coaches

Lead Generation for Business Coaches

As a business coach you’re probably wondering the best way to get your brand out there and secure more roles in coaching and inspiring business owners?

How do you create awareness so that you are the one that businesses go to when they require your sound expertise? A LinkedIn direct marketing strategy will create brand awareness and connect with businesses who require your training. However, with the daily requirements of running a coaching business already taking up a large proportion of your time, as well commitments to pre-existing coaching roles, it can be hard to even get the chance to develop a networking strategy.

Scale your professional network

This is where InLinked Marketing comes in. We create direct LinkedIn marketing strategies for your business if you are short of the time and resources to expand your network and generate leads. We do the hard work for you: putting you in contact with a raft of CEOs and company directors who require your coaching expertise through a direct marketing strategy. You will receive an increased rate of meaningful conversations with businesses who require your coaching services, generating leads, expanding business and creating successful ongoing relationships.

When you Invest in LinkedIn, you Invest in your Future Growth.❞

Troy Sinclaire – Director


With over 500 million active users and growing, LinkedIn is the largest platform for professionals around the world. It is one of the most effective online tools for networking available; it has simply outgrown other methods of networking effectiveness. The job of tailoring your business coaching to your clients’ needs and then putting the programs into action is hard enough, and prospecting new opportunities is just another time-consuming task that shouldn’t have to impede on business.

Our team at InLinked Marketing can take care of this for you so you can get on with what your business is set out to do: coach business owners & directors. We create a direct marketing strategy for your coaching business to expand your network and create meaningful conversations with potential clients and generate new opportunities. This will help generate new connections, expand your business, and create mutually successful relationships for you and your clients.

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At InLinked Marketing, the ongoing success of your business is our passion, and we work hard to ensure your network of CEO’s and company directors is a profitable, expanding one. If you’d like to discuss how we can increase your business profile and expand your network, feel free to get in contact with our friendly team. Fill out the contact form provided below and we will get back to you with all the information you need to have a scaled networking approach.


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