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Lead Generation For Accountants

Businesses often require the assistance of a third-party accountant to ensure that their returns are in order. However, it can be hard for you as the accountant to generate leads and create ongoing relationships with businesses as most businesses do not change their accountants.

New Opportunities = more clients!

As a busy accountant who doesn’t necessarily have the time to seek leads with potential employers and business owners, creating successful relationships for your business can prove to be difficult. This can cause a lot of problems for you around tax time when business and returns should be flying through your office window. Therefore, your business may require the services of a team of B2B marketing professionals who can grow your accountancy firm’s LinkedIn network and help generate leads for you, the tax professional.

Linkedin is the Ultimate Nework for Business Professionals

At InLinked Marketing, we work hard for your business to expand its network on LinkedIn and create prospects, leading to lasting relationships between you and businesses who require your tax expertise. With our skills and experience in LinkedIn marketing, we can help expand your network and generate leads for businesses who require your expertise. When you get in contact with the team at InLinked Marketing you will be immediately impressed by our wealth of knowledge and dedication to creating prospective opportunities for you. We do this by creating direct marketing solutions through our profound knowledge of the Linkedin Network. We use effective strategies to put your business in the driver seat and expand your professional network with fresh qualified leads and business opportunities.

When you Invest in LinkedIn, you Invest in your Future Growth.❞

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With over 500 million active users all engaged in business, it is easy to see why LinkedIn is an effective marketing tool for professionals worldwide. As an accountant, you have an incredibly stressful job as is, with so many clients depending on you to handle their finances correctly. With so many numbers to crunch the last thing you want is to have to source new business – there is simply not enough time!

Therefore, it is imperative that your accountancy firm has a LinkedIn direct marketing strategy. With this, you can create meaningful, qualified conversations with new prospects, enhance your business profile, and create successful client relationships. InLinked Marketing helps create these new opportunities. We devise direct marketing strategies that connect you, the accountant, with those businesses who require your services come tax time.

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